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Where We Are Going…

Sep 28, 2012   //   by Kris B   //   General  //  1 Comment

elcome to the inaugural post on The Homeschool Photographer. We are starting this blog and portfolio site as a project for our children, who have decided that they would like to learn photography. Currently, I am working with my son, Jacob, who is 9 years old, teaching him the basics about photography. The catch is, I have not been involved in photography for very long myself, so I am learning as I go, and trying to relate that information to him!  We have 2 other children coming along behind Jacob who will also want to learn this information. It is my hope that we can chronicle both the lessons we learn, and the results of those lessons (the photographs) along the way. It is my plan to share many of the resources that we find helpful, and sites that have been and continue to be of some value.

We have been homeschooling our children since they began school. One of the great advantages of this method of educating our children is that we have the flexibility to let them develop new interests, and incorporate those interests into their formal education. Jacob and I are currently conducting a photography class, in which we are exploring not only the basics of the art, but also important peripherals, such as photo editing with Photoshop and Lightroom 4. This flexibility has been a great blessing to us, providing great opportunities for our children. It also has opened doors for us as parents, as the interests of our children sometime force us to learn new things as well.

It is my hope that this website will develop into a long term project, something that all of the children will have opportunity to be a part of over the next several years. I hope that it develop into a good resource for other kids who would like to learn photography as well. If you happen on this site from the beginning, perhaps you can learn along with us, contribute to our little site, and make it even better.  We certainly are not professional photographers, but we hope to be steadily improving ourselves!

If you don’t homeschool, please don’t let the name of our site deter you from participating with us. Our name just identifies who we are, and is not intended to exclude those who do things differently. As we get more materials posted, we hope to have many who will join us in discussing the various aspects of the art of photography.